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Manufacturers & Exporters of Prestressed and Post Tensioning System products in India.

Company Introduction

Jay Pee Engineers, is a Ludhiana INDIA based company, established in the year 1983 with the extreme efforts of S. Jaswant Singh Sohal to manufacture & supply of high quality Pre and Post Tentioning Wedges and Barrels. Today Jay Pee Engineers is an ISO standard company. we are selling our products under “JAY PEE” brand to the domestic and International market. Currently, S. Ranjit Singh Matharoo is handling entire process of manufacturing, sales and distribution.

Products Range

Our company has achieved specialization in the manufacturing of open grips like Barrels and Wedges strand for Railway concrete sleepers, wedges strand and barrels for construction of bridges, steel wire bridges, Grips wedges and barrels for construction of buildings etc. Under their able guidance, the company has achieved a leading place in Manufacturing & Supply of its products in INDIA & ABROAD. We specialize in manufacturing of Prestressing Anchorage Coupling System, Post Tensioning Anchor System, Prestressed & Post Tensioning Grip System, Anchor Wedges and Barrels, Prestressing Wedges and Barrels, Anchorite Wedges, Tapered Barrels, Anchor Grips Wedges, Open Grip barrels and Wedges, building components bridge barrel & wedge, Gripfast Wedges, Re-usable Wedges and Barrels etc.

Post Tensioning Grip System

Post tensioning grip system is a great tool for builders, a delight for construction engineers & land developers. It allows construction of structures with any shape and reduces environmental impacts, costs, construction time, and materials. Since the application for the first time, Post Tensioning technology has experienced outstanding advantages - especially in the terms of quality assurance, performance and durability as well as corrosion protection.

Post-tensioning grips are normally used in the production of post-tensioned concrete elements. These anchor grips remain in the concrete unit. Apart from the need for good quality, economy also plays a role. Post-tensioning anchor grips are of a quality designed for use some 1 – 20 times, depending on the diameter of the wire/strand and the size of anchor grip concerned.

Our range of post-tensioning grips includes
- Anchor wedges
- Single-wire/strand anchor grips in the A and K version
- Anchor wedges of special design, such as compression wedges for dead anchorages, detensioning wedges for the detensioning of tendons, specially treated wedges for high breaking loads and high vibratory stresses, and also anchor wedges for use at very low temperatures.

Post tensioning applications include office floors, residential and commercial buildings, parking structures, warehouses, bridges, and rock/soil anchors. In many cases, post tensioning allows construction that would otherwise be impossible due to either site constraints or architectural requirements

Pretensioning Grips System

Pretensioning grips are anchor grips designed for multi-use. They are chiefly used in the production of factory-made members where the concrete is cast around previously tensioned tendons. Such anchor grips are made to high quality standards to ensure that a high number of reuses is obtained.

Three types are offered:
- Open type (A-Type anchor grips)
- Enclosed type (F-Type anchor grips)
- Couplers (K-Type anchor grips)

It is particularly important that pretensioning grips be cleaned and serviced as detailed in our instructions. Given suitable care and attention they can be reused a great many times.
It is not possible to say just how many times such anchor grips can be reused as this will depend on the stressing force applied, on the type and hardness of the prestressing steel used, on the size and robustness of the anchor grips concerned and on the care with which they are cleaned and serviced.

As a general rule, pretensioning wedges and the wearing parts of F-Type grips (springs, press-in tubes, etc) can be used between 50 and several 100 times. The number of reuses of the barrels is generally a multiple of that of the anchor wedges.

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Jay Pee Engineers (India)

Product Range


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